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Hat, Gloves, and Sunglasses.

Coulda had class......

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I come from an island.

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50's movies, 70's movies, 80's pop, 90's, a streetcar named desire, adam carolla, adidas, afghan whigs, ak 47, al pacino, american gothic, anna magnani, apocalypse now, balenciaga, battlestar galactica, billie holiday, bob dylan, born to run, bruce springsteen, cary grant, charles mingus, chet baker, chinatown, cinematography, classic jazz, coats, cops, cowboys, dance music, david beckham, deadwood, depeche mode, desert eagle, dire straits, dolce and gabbana, donna karan, england, eric clapton, exercise, farms, fernando torres, final cut pro, foreign films, france, frank sinatra, friday night lights, gloves, goodfellas, greg dulli, gucci, guess, guitar solos, gun n roses, guns, hats, heat, highways, horses, hud, in a sentimental mood, international espionage, izzy stradlin, jackets, james ellroy, jean paul gaultier, jesus christ, john coltrane, john frusciante, l.a. confidential, l.a.m.b., law and order svu, les bleus, lipstick, london, los angeles, lost, mac, mad men, major league soccer, manhattan, mark lanegan, marlon brando, martin scorcese, men's fashion, meryl streep, michael owen, mike mccready, montgomery clift, my chemical romance, new orleans, new york city, night train express, noir fiction, non fiction books, oak trees, oasis, on the waterfront, parables, pearl jam, perfume, photography, pink floyd, poetry, poland, prison break, professional bull riding, raging bull, raul, raymond chandler, real madrid, red hot chili peppers, rene magritte, reno, reservoir dogs, road trips, robert deniro, ronaldo, salvation army, secondhand shops, sergio leone, slash, soundgarden, southern gothic, spain, stevie ray vaughan, summertime, superstition, taxi driver, television, tennessee williams, the big lebowski, the desert, the gallaghers, the godfather, the great gatsby, the gutter twins, the killers, the mars volta, the sopranos, the south, the x files, thierry henry, tom ford, travis bickle, twilight singers, vietnam war movies, weight lifting, westerns, wong kar wai, zidane

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